Time for toast

   We bought her an Ikea Latt table, to which I’ve added a paper holder and some colourful buckets for her to keep her supplies in/rattle loudly with a wooden spoon. She likes to take her plate to the table and sit in her seat to chew […]

A library, but for kids shoes

   “Fifty pounds? Ok. And how long will they last? About six weeks? Huh.” There’s stuff in the fridge lasts longer than these shoes.

A Good Book

   It was Georgie’s idea to read to her from day one, and it seems to have paid off. She loves to flick through books and to show you what she has found. Often she’ll clamber up on to you carrying a book, and point […]

Train Window

…and walk around, and refuse to sit in one place for any period of time. SaveSave