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Time for toast

We bought her an Ikea Latt table, to which I’ve added a paper holder and some colourful buckets for her to keep her supplies in/rattle loudly with a wooden spoon.

She likes to take her plate to the table and sit in her seat to chew the marmite from her toast before spitting it back out. She’s wearing her big white knitted ‘fishermans jumper’ because it’s so cold here, although it never seems to bother her.



A library, but for kids shoes


“Fifty pounds? Ok. And how long will they last? About six weeks? Huh.”

There’s stuff in the fridge lasts longer than these shoes.

Messy Play


A Walk in the Woods


A Good Book

It was Georgie’s idea to read to her from day one, and it seems to have paid off. She loves to flick through books and to show you what she has found. Often she’ll clamber up on to you carrying a book, and point at it until you read to her.

Train Window

…and walk around, and refuse to sit in one place for any period of time.


First Steps


Dream House


Flying with a baby

Flying with a baby

We didn’t plan it this way, but in the first 8 months of her life The Child went on 8 flights – which is as many as I’d been on in my entire life until I met Georgie.

I don’t know who that says most about.

Anyway, we’ve learned a few lessons in those 8 flights that I thought I’d share. The first and perhaps most important is this:


All Time Favorites

Bringing your baby home

Bringing your baby home

It seemed crazy to me that they just let us walk out of the hospital, new parents with our first baby, without at least having passed some sort of exam first.

Becoming Dad: the early days

Becoming Dad: the early days

What kind of Dad are you going to be? The truth is, the baby isn’t the only thing that’s brought to life on that magical day that you’ve waited for more or less patiently for 9 months. Two other people are born at the same […]

The best advice

The best advice

When you’re expecting a baby, and when you’ve just had one, everyone loves to give you advice. You’re going to get advice from everywhere. And then you’re going to actively seek advice, too, because you want to be a successful parent. And some of that […]

Welcome to Dadism

Welcome to Dadism

Welcome to Dadism – an incomplete collection of mistakes made and lessons learned by a first time Dad. You get 9 months to prepare for the birth of your child – but it turns out you don’t get so much as a second to prepare […]